My favorite book by Mary Kubica is The Good Girl.

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BookSparks 2017 Summer Reading Challenge continues with bestselling crime novelist, Mary Kubica and her thrilling new novel, EVERY LAST LIE (ParkRowBooks).


“The bad man, Daddy. The bad man is after us.”

Clara Solberg is waiting at home with her 4-day old infant, Felix in her arms for her husband to bring their daughter, Maisie from ballet and Chinese food for dinner. Instead, there’s a knock at the front door and an officious man in a police uniform tells Carla there has been an accident.

Nick Solberg had apparently been speeding when unable to make a turn he wrapped his car around a tree, dying instantly. Miraculously, Maisie escapes with a scratch, but she’s now haunted by nightmares about a man chasing her and her father in a black car. Clara can’t accept it was a simple accident and coupled with Maisie’s night terrors suspects there’s more to the accident. Despite police reports saying otherwise…

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My favorite book is The Good Girl.